About the Campaign

Our Journey:
Past, Present, and Future

The ‘Celebrate & Sustain’ campaign is a pivotal milestone on our journey at UWC ISAK Japan. It serves not only as a testament to our 10 years of transformative education, but also as a beacon, illuminating our path into the future.

Our objectives for this campaign are clear and intertwined: to honor our accomplishments, to recognize the unwavering support of our community, and to ensure the financial sustainability of our institution for the next decade and beyond.

School’s History, Values and Impact

A Decade of Global Impact

Since our establishment in 2014, UWC ISAK Japan has been dedicated to shaping a diverse group of students into the responsible global citizens and ethical leaders of tomorrow. Our values of empathy, intercultural understanding, and personal responsibility have guided us through a decade of educational innovation and community-building.

Over the years, our students have engaged in numerous community service projects, initiated sustainability efforts, and advocated for social justice – all testament to the school’s impact, both locally and globally.

Projects Supported by Funds

Investing in our Future

The ‘Celebrate & Sustain’ campaign seeks your support for initiatives that will define our next decade. These include:

Phase 6 Buildings

Construction is underway on our two much anticipated Phase 6 Buildings: the Creative Center and Health & Wellness Center. The Creative Center will house our Arts programs, while the Health & Wellness Center will provide healthcare, counseling, fitness, and lifestyle services. Donations directed to Phase 6 Building Support will go towards purchasing equipment and materials that will support the various programs housed therein. We are specifically aiming to raise 20,000,000 JPY for this area.

Academic & Pastoral Program Development

Donations directed towards our Academic & Pastoral Program Development will significantly enrich our offerings, especially in areas like Outdoor Education, Leadership, Project Week and Pastoral Care, among others. Your contributions in this area will help ensure an enhanced learning environment, expanding opportunities and enriching experiences for our students.

Student Financial Assistance Program

To truly foster an educational environment enriched with "diversity," we grant non-repayable financial assistance to 70% of our students. Thanks to this financial assistance program, students from 80 countries, coming from various economic backgrounds, come together to learn and grow. Your generous support will be allocated to our school's scholarship fund.

Community Well-being

Donations directed towards 'Community Well-being' will support training and professional development opportunities for our faculty and staff, and serve other operational needs that directly and indirectly benefit our entire school community. Our faculty and staff are a second family to our students and these resources empower them further to provide a high-quality education and boarding school experience, ensuring the holistic development of every student.

Area of Greatest Need

The dynamic nature of educational institutions means that both planned and unplanned needs arise at different times. These needs can range from program-related requirements to facility upgrades or unforeseen challenges. By donating to the "area of greatest need," you provide the school with the flexibility to allocate funds to the most critical areas at any given time.

Profiles of Campaign Leaders

Meet the Team behind the Campaign

The ‘Celebrate & Sustain’ campaign is brought to life by a dedicated team of leaders who are passionate about UWC ISAK Japan’s mission. With your support, we can continue our work, inspiring students to become the compassionate and innovative leaders our world needs. Join us as we embark on this exciting chapter of our journey.

Malcolm McKenzie
Head of School (through June 2024)

I am a South African by birth, and a citizen of many countries by inclination and through lived experience! I have enjoyed a thrilling and, I hope, service-focused career in education, teaching at universities and schools on four continents, and leading a number of fine boarding schools. These schools are in Botswana, the USA, the UK, and China. From 2000 to 2007, I was Principal of UWC Atlantic College in Wales. I love the energy of learning institutions, and the capacity that they have to create and sustain communities that are courteous, collegial, and full of character. In these ways, schools can be emblems of hope for our fractured world. I chose to come to UWC ISAK Japan because it is a new and compelling UWC, with certain distinctive and pioneering aspects to its mission. I look forward to helping to take this lovely school to the next phase of its development, to planning a pathway or ways for the next few years, and to getting to know its people, the students and the adults. They are diverse and purposeful, and full of love for and enjoyment of this magical place.

Naoko Hosono
Office of Development

Before joining UWC ISAK, Naoko Hosono worked as a secretary for both a law firm and a consulting firm. During that time, she was involved in establishing overseas offices and launching a fund for Vietnamese companies. Naoko spent seven years living in Vietnam, where she occasionally volunteered at an international school and was deeply impressed by the respectful environment that fostered diversity.

Naoko was drawn to UWC ISAK’s mission and vision, as well as the school’s commitment to diversity and support for students from financially challenging backgrounds. Two years ago, Naoko and her family moved to Karuizawa to raise their children surrounded by beautiful nature. She now looks forward to enjoying hiking and winter sports with her family and their dog.

Arden Tyoshin
Head of School (beginning July 2024)
Rie Okada
Fundraising Manager

Ms. Okada spent her early childhood in Los Angeles, where she naturally learned to accept diversity, including cultural and racial differences. After moving back to Japan during high school, she experienced a shocking cultural gap in society, which often caused her to ponder why people aren’t simply accepted as they are. Ms. Okada hopes for true positive change in the world, and is supporting UWC ISAK Japan while raising two children. She graduated from Keio University and enjoyed an interesting career in finance and PR/marketing before joining UWC ISAK Japan. She is a self-described foodie, chef and golfer.

Olivia Boissel
Communications & Alumni Engagement Manager

After a few years working as a freelance consultant in the publishing industry and as a translator and French teacher, Olivia is excited to put her passion for words and images into practice at UWC ISAK Japan. She grew up mostly in rural South of France and studied in Paris at Sciences Po university where she earned a B.A. and a Masters in Cultural Policy and Management. Her education included two study abroad stints in Japan at Waseda University and at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. She also enjoyed a six month work assignment in Beijing, China. After she first supported the UWC ISAK Japan Summer School 2021 program as a staff member before joining full-time. She is thrilled to be part of the UWC ISAK Japan community as well as the local community here in beautiful Karuizawa.

Yoko Machida
Fundraising Manager

Ways To Give

Make a Difference, Your Way

Your generous contribution to the ‘Celebrate & Sustain’ campaign empowers us to continue shaping future global leaders. Whether big or small, every gift makes an impact.

The quickest way to support our mission is by making an online donation by credit card or bank transfer. You can choose a custom amount that fits your capacity to give.

Learn more about other ways you can contribute on our About the campaign page.

Imagine… if there was an ISAK lower school!

Dear Friends of UWC ISAK,

UWC ISAK is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We are proud of where we’ve come from, and we are excited about the next decade.

At this important milestone, we are wondering – in pursuit of broadening our impact, could an ISAK Lower School be considered as one of the options and would it be feasible? A school that embraces ISAK values and vision for a better future?

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