10th Anniversary Campaign

Website Credits

We would like to extend our gratitude to all individuals who worked diligently to create and launch the UWC ISAK Japan website.

Website Design and Development

A special thank you goes out to Paradigm Digital Creative (https://paradigm.co.jp/) for their role in the innovative design and development of our website. Their unwavering dedication to excellence has resulted in a digital space that accurately represents the values and spirit of UWC ISAK Japan.

Project Leadership

Dean Kirkness

As Project Director, Dean’s guidance and leadership steered the project to align with our vision and mission. His skillful management was instrumental to the success of this project.

Oli Boissel

As Project Assistant, Oli provided indispensable support to the project director and the entire team. She served as a crucial second pair of eyes and provided significant assistance in gathering and organizing content for the website.

Rie Koido

Ensuring the website met the internal and technical requirements of UWC ISAK Japan was expertly managed by Rie Koido. Her attention to detail and dedication ensured a seamless integration of our platform with existing systems.

Ai Sano

Our Localization Specialist, Ai Sano, ensured our messages were comprehensible and culturally sensitive to the Japan market, representing the inclusivity that UWC ISAK Japan stands for.

Chris Morda

We are grateful to Chris Morda for his expertise, support, and guidance throughout the development of the UWC ISAK Japan’s website. His in-depth knowledge and perspective have been invaluable to the realization of this project.

Special Contributions

We give a special nod to the Class of 2024 for their distinctive contributions.

Loogmai from Thailand – Your lively and authentic photos have beautifully encapsulated the spirit of our community.

Fred from Portugal – Your striking images vividly reflect our dedication to academic excellence.

Bernard from Hong Kong – Your attention to detail in photography and videography has magnificently captured the charm of our campus and its surroundings.

Marcus from Norway – Your compelling videos have provided an immersive glimpse into the unity within our diverse community, truly showcasing the cultural richness of UWC ISAK Japan.

Kris from China – Your skill in coordinating student participation and managing media shoots (and edits) have been invaluable.

Each individual’s dedication, creativity, and hard work has helped to shape a website that authentically reflects the UWC ISAK Japan story. Through these collaborative efforts, we are able to share our mission, values, and spirit with the world.

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