10th Anniversary Campaign


UWC ISAK Japan’s admissions page is your one-stop resource for everything you need to know about applying to our transformative high school program. Discover our unique educational approach, application process, and support available for potential applicants. Let us guide you through your journey to becoming a changemaker at UWC ISAK Japan.

Welcome to Admissions

Welcome to UWC ISAK Japan! We are delighted to have you visit our website and discover more about our unique educational approach. We believe that every student can make a positive impact on the world, and our mission is to create a community that enables them to do so.

Our admissions process is designed to identify and select young people who have shown a commitment to our values and have the potential to excel in all aspects of our learning program.

We invite you to learn more about our eligibility requirements, admissions process and key dates, and our fees and financial assistance program. Along the way, we encourage you to join our events and visit our campus in person to see for yourself how we can help you become a part of the UWC ISAK Japan community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

Warm regards,

Nicolas Carter
UWC ISAK Japan Director of Admissions

Eligibility Criteria

Ready to become a changemaker? UWC ISAK Japan’s Admissions Office accepts applications exclusively for our 3-year program (Grade 10 Pre-IB + Grades 11-12 IB Programme, inclusive). Learn more about the detailed eligibility criteria here.

If you are only interested in applying for a 2-year UWC program (Grades 11-12 IB Programme) please contact your National Committee or visit the GSP site for more information.

Meetings & Events

Engage with UWC ISAK Japan through our upcoming Events or Campus Visits! These opportunities offer some of the best ways to get to know our school and campus. Learn more about our various events and visit options, and how you can participate in our upcoming activities.

Fees & Financial Assistance

At UWC ISAK Japan, we believe that every student deserves access to our premium education, regardless of their financial background. That’s why we offer a need-based financial assistance program to ensure that all students who demonstrate potential, curiosity, passion, and motivation have the opportunity to join our diverse community. If you’re concerned about the cost of tuition, we invite you to learn more about our financial assistance program and apply to UWC ISAK Japan today.

How to Apply

Learn how you can apply directly to UWC ISAK Japan for our 3-year program (Grade 10 Pre-IB + Grades 11-12 IB Programme, inclusive). Find out everything you need to know about the application process and key dates.

For those interested in applying to a 2-year UWC program, UWC offers two options: through your National Committee or through the GSP – Global Selections Program (financial assistance is not available for this option). Contact your National Committee or visit the GSP site for more information.

Contact Admissions

We understand that applying to our school can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. Our dedicated Admissions team is here to help and offer advice tailored to your unique situation. If you have questions or need assistance with your application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have English and Japanese speaking staff available upon request to assist you.

Email us at [email protected]

General Admissions FAQs

Eligibility requirements for our high school program can be found on our Apply for High School page. Eligibility for Grade 11 (IBDP Year 1) enrollment will depend on the UWC National Committee where you live.

If you are interested in our short programs (Winter School and Summer School), please visit the dedicated webpage.

All students at UWC ISAK Japan are unique, and there is no “typical” UWC ISAK student. However, UWC ISAK students do share some common characteristics. In general, we are looking for:

  • Students who understand our mission and are interested in creating positive change in the world
  • Students who are curious, creative and independent
  • Students who are willing to challenge themselves and take appropriate risks
  • Students who possess strong communication skills and are eager to interact with other students from around the world
  • Students who demonstrate strong academic motivation
  • Students who wish to benefit from diversity

We accept approximately 40 students for Grade 10 direct enrollment and another 40 students for Grade 11 (IBDP Year 1) national committee enrollment. Students interested in enrolling at UWC ISAK Japan for Grade 10 will apply directly to UWC ISAK Japan. Grade 11 students are selected by the UWC National Committee in their home country, or apply through the UWC Global Selection Programme.

Approximately 30% of our students in Grade 10 are Japanese citizens or residents of Japan. The remaining 70% of students join UWC ISAK Japan from around the world.

All classes at UWC ISAK Japan, with the exception of Japanese and foreign language studies, are conducted in English. You do not need to be a native English speaker in order to apply, but you should have completed at least three years of English studies in school and be able to speak, read and write at an intermediate level of English.

While we do not require students to submit English language test results as part of the application process, we recommend that students have an intermediate level of English or higher in order to feel comfortable taking academic classes in English.

Recommended English Levels:

  • EIKEN: Level 2 or higher
  • TOEFL: 65 or higher
  • TOEIC: 600 or higher
  • IELTS: 6 or higher

In general, we look for students who demonstrate a strong willingness to study in an English-only environment. If you have never attended an English-based school, Grade 10 is a foundation year that will give you time to build your English skills before starting the IB Diploma Programme.

Yes, prospective families are welcome to arrange a campus visit. Reservations are required. Please see our Campus Visits page for details.

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Imagine… if there was an ISAK lower school!

Dear Friends of UWC ISAK,

UWC ISAK is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We are proud of where we’ve come from, and we are excited about the next decade.

At this important milestone, we are wondering – in pursuit of broadening our impact, could an ISAK Lower School be considered as one of the options and would it be feasible? A school that embraces ISAK values and vision for a better future?

As we embark on this journey, if you would like to participate in possible market research and receive updates, please subscribe to our mailing list.