10th Anniversary Campaign

House Bonding Over BBQ!

Written by Abdullah (Class of 2019, Oman)

One of the main aims of the residential program here at UWC ISAK Japan is to create long lasting bonds between students living in the same dormitories, or houses. In order to achieve those aims, the program encourages the students to spend quality time together, including their house mentors, and provides them with the necessary funding and support. It is up to the houses to decide how to spend and what do with the money, and the UWC lSAK leadership model really comes into play as all the activities are student-led.

For our house activity, members of R2-12 decided to relieve all the stress and take a break from studying and work by having a nice BBQ. Although we had to take the initiative to purchase the meat, drinks and bread ourselves, we were supported by our house mentor, Mr. Iwata. Upon hearing that we wanted to organize a house BBQ, he arranged a shuttle to Tsuruya, the local supermarket, so that we could buy the ingredients we needed. This demonstrates how far our house mentors are willing to go to support us and make our wishes happen.
While the pre-BBQ process of prepping united us all as a house, the actual event itself was the icing on the cake. We had a lot of fun, and it was the first time in which some of our house members engaged in meaningful conversations with each other. Mr. Iwata also frequently dropped by to chat with us and have some food. We really felt that there was no gap between us, the students, and faculty members. This was the perfect way to relieve all our stress, and a great way to ease into the upcoming busy few weeks until winter break!
Since then, we have further taken opportunities to bond as a house. We have had a few movie nights, and are planning to go bowling or to the cinema. Whatever we do, we are assured that Mr. Iwata will support us and be there with us!
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Imagine… if there was an ISAK lower school!

Dear Friends of UWC ISAK,

UWC ISAK is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We are proud of where we’ve come from, and we are excited about the next decade.

At this important milestone, we are wondering – in pursuit of broadening our impact, could an ISAK Lower School be considered as one of the options and would it be feasible? A school that embraces ISAK values and vision for a better future?

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