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3D Printer Accelerates Design Innovation

Utimaker2-blogLast month, thanks to generous donors, ISAk received a new 3D printer! The printer is the Ultimaker 2, the latest 3D printer from Brulé. The Ultimaker 2 is capable of printing at one of the highest resolutions of all 3D printers currently on the market. 3D printers are an expensive item for any school, but students at ISAK will be able to fully utilize the machine, since ISAK’s philosophy emphasizes design innovation; at ISAK, students prototype many times based on feedback until they eventually create the best possible product. Students use the design innovation cycle in most classes and activities, working hard to find what is most important and then prototyping to get the best results. The 3D printer will definitely empower our process by accelerating our prototyping sessions.

Mr. Palmer, our teaching fellow, has been teaching our school Architecture Club the know-hows of the 3D printer and its powerful designing software. Soon, students will be able to handle the machine properly and will begin prototyping their own projects through the cycle of design innovation.

Watch this video to see the first glimpses of the 3D printer in action!

[youtube id=”GlC1Q2IlnXI” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

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