10th Anniversary Campaign

Grade 10 Leadership Program Reinvented

Unleashing Potential: The Reinvented Leadership Program at UWC ISAK Japan

At the heart of UWC ISAK Japan lies the school’s motto:

UWC ISAK Japan Grade 10 students on a class trip to Matsumoto



One Life.
Realize Your Potential.
Be a Catalyst for Positive Change.




In 2022, the Grade 10 Leadership Program underwent a transformative redesign, incorporating faculty, staff, students, and alum insights. The Class of 2025 are the pioneers of this innovative approach, and their exhilarating journey during the 2023 Spring Project Week proves its success.

From Classroom to Startup: A Tale of Two Grade 10 Entrepreneurs

UWC ISAK Japan Grade 10 Amine and Ethan flying their drone over the school's crops to estimate its healthA standout among the projects is Project Sprout, the brainchild of Amine (Lebanon) and Ethan (Hong Kong). Initially aiming to combat world hunger, they’ve pivoted to developing a satellite imaging solution that helps local farmers assess their crops’ health, with ambitions to expand globally.

A Chance Encounter Sparks a Powerful Partnership

Amine and Ethan’s collaboration began serendipitously on a school bus ride. After discovering a shared passion for solving agricultural issues, they’ve become an unstoppable duo. “I could work on anything if it is with Ethan,” Amine reveals. Their partnership thrives on mutual respect and a shared love for the creative process.

Embracing Failure as a Stepping Stone to Success

The road to Project Sprout was not without obstacles. Thanks to their coach Scott, a critical revelation about the unsuitability of thermal imaging led them to explore multi-spectral imaging. “It was a long journey since the very start of our project,” Amine admits. But by overcoming setbacks and learning from failures, they made exponential progress on their journey.

Boldly Confronting the Impostor Syndrome

Approaching companies as Grade 10 students initially seemed daunting. “We thought we were too young and wondered how we would do that,” Ethan recalls. But with Scott’s encouragement, Amine and Ethan discovered that businesses are eager to engage with young, passionate individuals. This breakthrough bolstered their confidence to keep pushing forward.

Reveling in the Joy of Exploration

For Amine and Ethan, the UWC ISAK experience starkly contrasts their previous “project-based learning” schools. “I’ve never felt better at school,” Amine says. In addition, they found the customized, tailor-made Leadership program to be incredibly empowering, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the creative process.

Now, with their sights set on testing their solution on local farms, Amine and Ethan are on the verge of transforming their project into a sustainable, environmentally-conscious business that benefits both the planet and the farming community.

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