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New Student Arrival Day 2016!

Arrival-Day-ISAK-4ISAK’s New Student Arrival Day 2016 was a huge success, thanks to the hard work of our student-led arrival day committee! Returning students, faculty, staff and parent association volunteers came together to provide a warm welcome to the 60 new students who are joining the ISAK community for the 2016-2017 school year.

New Students Arrive 3

The day was filled with excitement and energy, as new students met their orientation buddies, found their dorm rooms (and roommates!) and settled in for their first day of orientation. The ISAK student body continues to grow in both size and diversity, with 10 new countries represented on campus this year!

Arrival Day 1

The day’s events included advisory group campus tours for new students and their families, faculty and curriculum presentations, and a reception hosted by Head of School, Mr. Rod Jemison. Welcome and congratulations to all of the new students who have joined the ISAK family.

“I normally have words for every occasion, event, and activity at ISAK.  However, yesterday I found myself at a loss to describe how remarkably invested each member of our community was in ensuring every new member of the ISAK family was introduced to their new home.  Led by more than 97 students, 30 teachers, and our entire staff, it was clear by evening’s end that we all represented one voice, one idea, one dream to be catalysts for positive change.  Ready or not world, here we come!!!!”
– Mr. Jemison, Head of School

arrival isak 3


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