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Fees & Financial Assistance

"The striking feature of the United World Colleges is that they embrace the entire world across all divides of race, history, culture, wealth, religion, economic status, and political belief. "

-Nelson Mandela, Former UWC President

"The striking feature of the United World Colleges is that they embrace the entire world across all divides of race, history, culture, wealth, religion, economic status, and political belief. "

-Nelson Mandela, Former UWC President

Commitment to Affordability

True Diversity is a hallmark of a UWC education. We believe transformational leaders can only become transformational if they can appreciate a diverse range of perspectives. This is why we are committed to offering need-based financial assistance to our students.





In 2019-20, UWC ISAK Japan offered more than 498 million Japanese yen in need-based financial assistance to help deserving students who could not otherwise afford to attend. 70% of our students are the recipients of some level of financial assistance, including about 40% of our incoming Grade 10 students, with awards ranging from 50,000 JPY scholarships to full scholarships.

We Are Committed to Making an Exceptional Education Affordable

If you believe you want to be a UWC ISAK Japan student then GO FOR IT!!
If you are accepted then we will work with you and your family to find a way to finance your education.

School Fees & Expenses

Annual School Fees for the 2021-2022 school year: 5,282,000 JPY

Tuition: 3.59 million yen (yearly)
Dormitory fee: 1.39 million yen (yearly )
Facility fee: 300,000 yen (yearly)
Enrollment fee: 300,000 yen (non-refundable; one-time fee only at the time of admission)

Includes: Tuition, dormitory housing, daily meal service, facilities fee, IB exam fees, required medical health checks, Project Week and expenses for most school activities and trips.

To estimate costs in a different currency, use this converter. Enter numbers only (example: 2720000). Note: exchange rates vary. This tool is for estimating purposes and may not always be accurate.

From :
To :

  • Airfare to Japan
  • Transportation between the airport/home and campus
  • Spending money: approximately 5,000 JPY per month (snacks, school supplies, local transportation, etc.)
  • Security deposit (refundable): 40,000 JPY per year

Financial Assistance

The following information is for students applying to UWC ISAK Japan for our 3-year program from Grade 10. If you are applying to your UWC national committee for the 2-year program from Grade 11, please contact your national committee for more information about scholarships and financial assistance.

For students who enroll at UWC ISAK Japan from Grade 10, we offer full scholarships and partial scholarships based on financial need. 

Scholarships and financial aid for students joining UWC ISAK Japan from Grade 11 (IBDP Year 1) will depend on each UWC national committee. Students who are selected by the UWC Global Selection Programme are not eligible for scholarships.

Financial aid is awarded based on each family’s unique circumstances and financial situation. Our Financial Assistance Committee reviews each applicant family’s income, assets, expenditures and debt. Additionally, the number of children in the family and the amount the family is paying for those children to attend school or university are factors that we consider when awarding financial aid.

We do not offer merit, academic, artistic or athletic scholarships.

All financial information is treated as confidential and is reviewed only by those directly responsible for determining need. Admission decisions are made independently of finances and offers of financial aid are made after a student has been admitted.

Complete and submit the Financial Assistance Request Form portion of the UWC ISAK Japan online application, along with supporting documents. The Financial Assistance Request Form will appear once the Parent/Guardian Form portion of the online application has been submitted. Please see the Parent/Guardian Form on the online application for further details.

The deadline for submitting the Financial Assistance Application is the same as the deadline for your online application and other required documents.

In general, students can expect to receive the same percentage of assistance during their time at UWC ISAK Japan, provided that they fulfill their responsibilities as a student and a member of the school community.

Academic performance, maintenance of strong character and cooperation within the school community will be taken into consideration for the continuation of financial aid. If a student does not meet his or her responsibilities, UWC ISAK Japan has the right to withdraw financial assistance in subsequent years. Additionally, financial assistance may be reduced or denied if a student/family demonstrates a lifestyle that greatly exceeds the financial resources indicated on the Financial Assistance Request Form.

Yes, all financial assistance recipients will re-submit their financial data for review for each subsequent school year. Unless a family’s financial situation changes, students will continue to receive the same percentage of financial assistance during their three years of school.

No. If you expect that you will need financial assistance in order to cover the cost of your education, you must apply for financial assistance when you apply to Grade 10.

Yes! All applicants are eligible to apply for financial assistance. The amount of financial assistance can range from 50,000 JPY to full scholarships.

Financial aid offers are announced with acceptance notifications.

No. The financial assistance awarded by UWC ISAK Japan is not a loan and does not need to be repaid. However, we do expect families to contribute as much as possible toward their child’s education in order for us to share our financial resources among all students with need. We request that families find their own way to contribute to our community. We also hope that students and parents remember UWC ISAK Japan’s generosity in future years, when their financial situation allows them to help meet the needs of future students.

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