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UWC ISAK Japan [Global Campus]

Student Information Form Instructions

Questions for Students

Please enter your legal name in English.

If you have a legal version of your name in Japanese/Chinese characters, please list in the “Japanese/Chinese Characters” field.
(If your name uses only the English alphabet, do not worry about writing your name in Japanese/Chinese).

Upload an ID photo(jpg, png, pdf) taken within 3 months. Please see the photo instructions below and on the Japanese immigration website. You’ll be asked to re-submit the photo if it does not meet its requirements. Please make sure there are no shadows.

Select your nationality. If you have more than one nationality, provide information for all of your nationalities in the “Other Nationalities” section. Please note that you will be asked to submit proof of your other nationalities based on what you list below.

*Please ignore the checkboxes

Enter your information exactly as it is shown on your passport (please do not select “title” if it is not shown on your passport). If you hold multiple nationalities, use the information listed in the passport that you will be using for your student visa.

Upload an image of the information page of your main passport (the one you will use to apply for your visa). If you have multiple passports, please compress multiple passports into a zip file and upload it.

If you want to upload multiple passports, you can compress them into one file to do so.

The document uploader accepts jpg, png, gif, and zip files only.

Intended place to apply for a visa

Enter the location of the Japanese embassy where you plan to submit your student visa paperwork (with your CoE). If you are a Japanese citizen/resident of Japan and do not need a student visa, enter “N/A.”(日本人の方はN/Aと入力してください).

*Please be aware that some Japanese embassies/consulates might be out of service. Please check their status in advance.
*If you plan to submit your visa application to the Japanese embassy/consulate which is not located in your home county, we would strongly recommend you ask them whether they can accept your application in advance.

Other passport information if applicable

If you have more than one passport, enter the information for all of your other passports in this section. If you only have one passport, please skip this section.


*Please ignore the checkboxes

For foreign residents of Japan: Upload a copy of your residence card
If you are a permanent resident of Japan, enter “N/A.” in Period of Stay.

Students who do not have a Japanese passport and are not already residents of Japan need to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) in order to apply for a student visa. To obtain a CoE, students are required to submit the following documents for the CoE application. Please read the requirements for each document carefully, prepare them, and upload them through Global Campus.

  1. Birth certificate (copy): Please make sure the document shows both parents’ and the child’s names. If parents’ names are not listed, in addition to the birth certificate, submission of a document that proves the parent-child relationship is required.
  2. Certificate of graduation or enrollment: Usually, it is issued by the school you graduated from before. If you are in school now, please submit a certificate of enrollment stating your expected graduation/withdrawal or transfer-out date from your current school. (there is no specified format for this document)
  3. Bank statement: A bank statement that must show an account balance exceeding the amount of the family obligation stated in your Enrollment Agreement. If you submit multiple bank statements, please make sure that the account holders are the parents listed on the birth certificate. If you submit bank statements from relatives’ accounts, submission of a document that proves the relationship between the student and the person is required. Please keep your original bank statement safe to avoid misplacing it, as the immigration office may ask for the original copy to be submitted as proof of funds.

Note: Document Language

Please request document issuance in English if possible. If it is not possible to issue it in English, please attach an English translation to the original one and submit them through Global Campus. English translations don’t have to be official. You can do the English translation yourself or by using an online translator if necessary.

List an accurate address where you can receive mails/DHL/courier deliveries from UWC ISAK Japan, during the summer (Jun – Aug.). We may send you your visa paperwork (CoE) and other important documents physically if it is not possible to send this by email. If you cannot receive DHL/courier deliveries to your home address, you can provide the address of a parent’s workplace, the home of a relative, your school, etc.

If you will be entering Grade 10, select “3 years.” If you will be entering Grade 11, select “2 years”.

Upload the documents listed here if you are a Japanese citizen or permanent resident/residence card holder of Japan.

For Japanese students: Copy of insurance card(保険証), Bankbook (軽井沢町に住民登録し福祉医療給付制度に加入される場合の医療費返金口座となります) and Family registration(住民票 if relevant).

If you are a Japanese citizen residing abroad and don’t have the above-mentioned documents the school will be in touch with you after you submit your Global Campus Information.

Please refer to your passport(s) for past entry stamps. If you are a Japanese citizen/resident/residence card holder of Japan, select “No”.


Please ignore the options: Vocational School, Junior College, Bachelor, Master, and Doctor.

  • School name and address: Please list from elementary school(primary school) to the most recent school prior to enrollment in ISAK
  • Date of Graduation / Transfer out fields: Please input the approximate date when you finished the relevant schooling stage
  • Date of Graduation / Transfer out fields for Junior High School or Senior High School: Please select the option that better describes your situation as of August 1/2024

*Please ignore the checkboxes

In addition to the above, the visa application also requires information about your current (or most recent) school.

Instructions – Present School (or most recent school )
This subsection refers to your current school/academic information (the same school information you have provided in the above section)

School Type:

  • Please ignore the options: Vocational School, Junior College, Bachelor, Master and Doctor
  • Your response should be either Junior High School (if you are currently in Grade 9) or Senior High School (if you are currently in Grades 10 or 11)
  • Select Others if you are homeschooled or following distance learning (from official distance learning providers) – fill in the relevant type of schooling


Education Status:
Select the option that better describes your current situation

  • Graduated: you have already graduated from the “Present school” – enter the date when you graduated
  • In School: you are currently enrolled – enter the expected end date of your current academic year
  • Temporary absence: you are enrolled in school but not attending at the moment (health, family, personal reasons) – enter the date of your expected graduation
  • Withdrawal: you withdraw from your current school – enter the date of your withdrawal


Graduation/Transferred out date:
The date entered should match the information provided above in the Education Record section (Junior High School or Senior High School expected end date)

Questions for Parents/Guardians

All students need to complete this section, regardless of your citizenship or financial assistance status.

  1. Even if you will be attending UWC ISAK Japan on a full scholarship, please enter the information for the person with the highest income in your family
  2. List the employment information for the family member listed in 1
  3. Income – Please convert to Japanese YEN with currency converter https://xe.com/

Please note, you can ignore the fields not marked with “*”.

In this section, you need to provide information about how your UWC ISAK Japan school fees will be paid. See your Enrollment Agreement/Financial Assistance Agreement for your family obligation, and divide that amount by 12 to calculate the “monthly” amount in JPY (Japanese yen) that your family will provide.



We will double-check these amounts and reach out to you if needed. Please just try your best!

  1. If your parents live outside of Japan, select “By Supporter Living Abroad” and enter the monthly JPY amount in the field.
  2. If your parents live in Japan, select “By Supporter Living in Japan” and enter the monthly JPY amount in the field.
  3. If you will be attending UWC ISAK Japan on a full or partial scholarship, please select “Yes” for the scholarship question, and select “Others” from the pulldown and enter “UWC ISAK Japan” in the box. If you have a full scholarship, enter 513,000 JPY in the Amount field. (We will edit the information later).
  4. Select “No” for Others. We will edit this section later if needed.
  5. If you will be attending UWC ISAK Japan on a full scholarship (no family obligation for school fees), select “Yes” for the final question in this section.

Please do not worry about this section, select “No” for all the choices.

This section is required for international students.

Japanese nationals or students already living in Japan with valid residence cards: Please select “No”.

*Please ignore the checkboxes

Please enter the name(s) of your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who will be recorded as the main point of contact. This is a mandatory field.

  1. Are you a parent/legal guardian? – If the person you list is your parent/legal guardian, select “Yes”.
    If the person is not your parent/legal guardian, please select “No.” Use the comment box at the bottom of the section if you need more space to explain your situation/relationship.
  2. Would you like to receive school information? – UWC ISAK Japan sends school information (student report cards/grades/invoices/notifications) by email. At least one parent/legal guardian must select “Yes”.

*Please ignore the checkboxes

We need at least one emergency contact per student. Please ensure that all required fields in this section are fully answered, even if the same information is repeated in the previous section.

*Please ignore the checkboxes

Once you “submit” your application, you will no longer have edit access. Please review your application thoroughly before submission.

Note: You will be notified if a required field is missing. Please find the missing required fields on your Global Campus form and fill them in.

We recommend that you save the form regularly to avoid losing important information. You will find the “Save” button on the top-right of the Global Campus form.

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