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Students Participate in Nagano Education Conference

On March 18, G-10 students, Yutaro and Shun, participated in the Shinshu High School Conference in Nagano. Yutaro shared this report:

“With sleep in our eyes, Shun and I boarded a bullet train and headed to Nagano city to participate in the Shinshu High School Strategic Conference. The purpose of the conference was to discuss the current education agenda of the Nagano region and how to make it better in the future. We had a fascinating experience.

We started the morning with an interdisciplinary lecture from MEXT minister aid, Mr. Kan Suzuki, regarding the current education agenda in Japan. Mr. Suzuki emphasized the quality and strong passion of Japanese educators and the initiative to hold an education conference as part of the G7 summit last year. Mr. Suzuki also talked about the recent high score results in PISA and the current reforms to Japanese university exams. Mr. Suzuki shared that Japan and the Nagano region can be leaders in the future of education.

In the afternoon, participants had a dialogue about the education agenda of Shinshu region from their own perspectives.Living at ISAK, we often spend time with people from overseas, so it was interesting to have a chance to see the perspective of Japanese high school students and Japanese adults. I was able to get into a deep discussion with a Nagano education department counselor, NPO staff and others about my concern of ‘how to relate education to society’.

I gained several insights from the discussion:
1.) In order to take meaningful action, it is important to have sufficient knowledge of the situation beforehand.
2.) In order to improve the quality of education, we need to improve teachers’ working conditions.
3.) It is important for students to engage in learning rather than waiting passively for the school to teach the students.

We were able to cherish the day by contributing to the intense dialogue which consisted of the diverse perspective of diverse people. Shun and I have only lived in the Nagano prefecture for six months, but after attending the conference we were able to learn more about the power of people and Nagano region. We would like to continue learning about the community so we eventually can actively contribute to improving it.”
– Yutaro, G-10 (Japan)


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