10th Anniversary Campaign

Student Group Opens Store in Local Mall

KARUCHA, a second-hand kimono and accessory shop managed by ISAK students, officially opened this weekend at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza! Congratulations to the students who have been working for many months to turn their concept for a second-hand kimono shop into a reality. The KARUCHA team has been collaborating with Mr. Nakamura (CEO of Tokyo Yamaki Tansu-ya) for business advice, but most aspects of the shop, including management, advertisement, and display, have been directed solely by the students.

For the grand opening this past weekend, several ISAK students and faculty stopped by to show their support, try on kimonos, and purchase some of the beautiful goods. KARUCHA will be open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. During the school day, the shop will be staffed by staff from an adjacent shop, but KARUCHA members plan to go directly after class each day to work different shifts!


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