10th Anniversary Campaign

Soba Lessons!

This week, ISAK G-10 students, Minami, Coco and Linlin, attended a soba making class hosted by the Karuizawa farmer’s market. The students were accompanied by ISAK’s computer science teacher, Ms. Jyothi Venugopal.

Minami shared some thoughts from their experience:

The CAS project, Unlock Karuizawa, has been communicating with the farmers’ market. We are working to help Karuizawa improve tourism. The soba class is organized by the farmers’ market and they want more tourists from overseas to come to the class. We are planning to help them by translating during the class. In exchange for our help in the future, they offered us the class for free. 

We had such an amazing time there! I am Japanese but I’ve never learned how to make soba and it was much harder than I expected. As a Japanese, it was a really good to experience something new from my own culture and the soba we made was the most delicious ever!

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