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Lin Kobayashi honored with title of “Young Global Leader”

We are proud to announce that the World Economic Forum has honored Lin Kobayashi, Executive Director of the Board at ISAK, with the title of “2012 Young Global Leader.”

With this honor, Kobayashi joins a global community of extraordinary young leaders who have proven their dedication to serving the common good. This year, the selection committee chose 192 leaders from among several thousand international candidates. The honorees, all under the age of 40, are nominated and selected each year based on their professional accomplishments, commitment to society, and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world. The Young Global Leaders come from all corners of the globe and are active in fields including business, government, the fine arts, and education.http://www.weforum.org/community/forum-young-global-leaders

Kobayashi, one of ten leaders from Japan selected for 2012, is expected to play a significant role in developing the next generation of leaders in the Asian region.

Kobayashi commented, “I am truly honored to have been selected as a Young Global Leader. I think my selection has less to do with me personally than an indication of high expectations for a school that will educate the next generation of leaders in the Asian region who can contribute to society on an international level. I would like to use this opportunity to bring even more energy to my team as we work toward the successful launch of ISAK. I hope to be an active participant in the Young Global Leaders community, gaining inspiration and knowledge from fellow members in order to enhance my abilities to contribute to the success of the ISAK project and society as a whole.”

World Economic Forum Release: “Announcement of 2012 Young Global Leaders/YGL 2012 List.”

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Imagine… if there was an ISAK lower school!

Dear Friends of UWC ISAK,

UWC ISAK is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We are proud of where we’ve come from, and we are excited about the next decade.

At this important milestone, we are wondering – in pursuit of broadening our impact, could an ISAK Lower School be considered as one of the options and would it be feasible? A school that embraces ISAK values and vision for a better future?

As we embark on this journey, if you would like to participate in possible market research and receive updates, please subscribe to our mailing list.