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Learning the Way of Tea

On Saturday, April 26, several ISAK students had the opportunity to experience an ancient cultural tradition: a Japanese tea ceremony.

Also know as the “Way of Tea,” Japanese tea ceremonies date back to the 9th century when a Buddhist monk brought the tradition from China to Japan.  Japanese tea ceremony represents four important principles: harmony (和), respect (敬), purity (清), and tranquility (寂). While the tea ceremony follows very precise steps, it is also meant to recognize the fact that every human encounter is a singular event which will never occur again in exactly the same way. One must remember to enjoy each moment, because it will never be repeated!

Tea CeremonyThe tea ceremony took place at the renowned Minamigaoka Club inside a beautiful tea house. Ms.Yukiko Kobayashi, a teacher of Urasenke (the largest school of tea ceremony in Japan) led the ceremony, with the assistance of three ISAK students, Sam (Vietnam), Sarah (Chile), and Minami (Japan), who were all dressed in traditional Japanese kimonos. Ms. Kobayashi explained the steps and the essential equipment used in tea ceremony and then the students observed the process before enjoying a cup of green tea served with a tasty sweet cake.


The students appreciated this unique opportunity to experience an important part of Japanese history and culture in an authentic setting.

” It was a really nice experience for us to learn and explore more about the Japanese culture. It was interesting to learn all of the steps and manners in making tea and the history of this ceremony.”
– Air, G-10, Thailand

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