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Japanese Culture in the ISAK Experience

This is a question that prospective parents and students from abroad often ask us.At ISAK, students will not only take Japanese language and culture classes, but also have a chance to be exposed to the heart and character of Japanese people by engaging with the local community of Karuizawa.

At the Olympic Committee Session earlier this month, a famous part of the final presentation by Tokyo – which was selected as the site for the 2020 Games – was the phrase, “Omotenashi.” It means “to be wholeheartedly kind, welcoming, and thoughtful toward visitors for their sake, and to do so without expecting anything in return.” A concept with deep roots in Japanese culture since our ancestors’ generations, it expresses the devoted spirit with which Japan welcomes its visitors.

During their three years at ISAK, students from abroad will have excellent opportunities to experience the warm and elegantly modest character of the people of Japan.

Experience Japan at ISAK 2

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