ISAK’s Project NEPAL launches website

It’s been just over a year since a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal, causing massive destruction and displacing millions of people. While aid has poured into Nepal from sources around the globe, the recovery process has been excruciatingly slow, leaving tens of thousands of people still homeless and in need of assistance. One small group making a big difference on the ground is ISAK’s Project NEPAL. We are proud to share the students’ Project Nepal website, which officially launched on April 27th:

We encourage you to visit the Project NEPAL website to learn more!


More About Project Nepal:

Just days after the earthquake, ISAK’s three Nepali students, Himanshu, Sanjita and Karma, formed Project NEPAL as a way to turn their sadness and despair into something positive. Now, 12 months later, the group (which includes 5 additional ISAK students) has raised over 5,000,000 JPY for relief efforts and has contributed to the Let’s Build Schools Campaign and the Phulping EQ Relief Project in addition to providing medical supplies to people in the Tsum Valley. The group was honored with an award from the former President of Nepal in December, 2015, for their work with the Let’s Build Schools Campaign.

The team acknowledges that they have learned many lessons in the past year, including how challenging it can be to get relief supplies delivered to those who need them most – particularly in rural Nepal. Early on, the group realized there could be a benefit to teaming up with NGOs already in place in order to get some of their projects moving forward. The scope of Project NEPAL continues to evolve as the students gain real-world experience, but they remain committed to their mission “to bring peace and stability in post-earthquake Nepal through health and education”.

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12 Months of Accomplishments by ISAK’s Project NEPAL
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