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Exploring Southeast Asia


What did you do this summer?

Mitsu – Japan, Class of 2018, and his classmate, Kazune, packed their bags and headed to Southeast Asia for a travel adventure. Here is Mitsu’s report:

This summer, Kazune and I went to travel three counties in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
In Thailand we were able to learn the Thai people’s strong connection with Buddhism from ancient times to what it is today by visiting traditional temples in Bangkok.

In Cambodia, we organized a lesson on leadership at a local English academy which was a great way for us to actually practice what we have learned at ISAK. Also we were asked to do Japanese style painting at local cafe to introduce Japanese culture by using power of art.

In Vietnam, we took a train from Hoh Chin Min to Hanoi which is about 1800 km in distance and it was interesting to see how it is culturally different in northern, central and southern part of Vietnam. Besides a long railway trip we went to visit a farm in Hanoi to experience the Vietanmese farmer’s daily life.

This journey didn’t quite go as we expected because we faced tremendous amount of troubles during the trip. However I believe it is the best part of going on a trip, and it reminded us of the importance that how you handle each situation will determine whether to make it worse or better.


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