10th Anniversary Campaign

Guest Speaker, Mr. Kotaro Yamagishi, Shares Inspiring Message


On March 5, ISAK founding donor, Mr. Kotaro Yamagishi, traveled to campus to share his life story and offer some powerful advice to ISAK students. During his presentation, Mr. Yamagishi talked about his experiences working for tech companies such as NetAge, CNET, and GREE (which he cofounded in 2004). He also shared some details about his latest work as CEO of Keio Innovation Initiative, a new venture capital company that funds start-up companies in association with Keio University.

Mr. Yamagishi talked about both his successes and failures in business, along with the lessons he has learned from working in the ever-changing tech industry. He also shared stories about the people who have profoundly influenced his life, which included diverse individuals from industry CEO’s to his grandfather and a Buddhist monk. The presentation was eye-opening and inspiring for students, since Mr. Yamagishi is just 39 years old!

Two things that drive Mr. Yamagishi are curiosity – “I like watching the beginnings of societal evolution as an insider” –  and the desire to control his own life – “I hate being prohibited from doing what I want without reason”. Mr. Yamagishi also shared his personal discipline:

• I do what I should do. I do not run away.
• I make my own decisions. I do not rely on others.
• I do what I can to solve problems. I do not put blame on others.

Thank you, Mr. Yamagishi, for sharing your inspirational story with us!

About Kotaro Yamagishi:

Mr. Yamagishi is the co-founder of GREE and the former Editor in Chief for CNET Japan. He is currently the CEO of Keio Innovation Initiative, a venture capital of Keio University. In addition, Mr. Yamagishi is one of the founding donors who made ISAK possible. We appreciate his time and commitment to our school.

“I decided to become an ISAK founder because I felt a strong affinity for ISAK’s concept of creating a school for the future leaders… I have faith that the students who graduate from ISAK will one day be leading Japan and the world.”
– Kataro Yamagishi


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