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G-11 IB English A Presentations

Left to right: G-11 Students, Paolo, B, Minami, Naoki, Yasu, Toni, Sangita


As the end of the school year approaches, students are busy preparing for finals and making their last presentations of the school year. On May 14, it was time for the students in IB English A to share their final projects. Working in teams over the course of several weeks, the students decided on a topic and how to present the material. One team, Paolo, B, Minami, Toni, Naoki, Yasu, Toni and  Sangita, chose  the book To Kill a Mockingbird and addressed the topic of social class in the U.S. during the 1930’s through a skit.

Minami shared her thoughts about the project:

“Our team started by investigating the theory of The Great Chain of Being as well as the social ladder in the U.S. during the 1930s. We decided to do a skit in order to illustrate the characteristics of each social group and how the different classes interacted with each other during that time.

My character was a woman named Mindy (because my name is Minami and some people call me Min!). Her character was important for showing that the lower class were poor because of the Great Depression and and from unequal treatment from the upper or middle class.

It was a challenging project, but at the same time I found it very exciting as we cooperated with each other and did our best.

In the past two years in English class, we have looked at many texts and learned how language is used to convey the message behind the words. I really enjoyed reading the novels and exploring various themes for each book!”

「私たちは、課題図書”To Kill a Mockingbird (アメリカ南のアラバマ州で起きた黒人の白人女性への暴行容疑に対しての裁判で、まわりの白人陪審員の偏見と人種差別を描いている)”に関連するトピックについて調べ、この小説が書かれた時代背景についての知識をお互いに共有しました。私のチームのメンバーは、Toni, Naoki, Sangita, B, Yasuの6人で、私たちは1930年代のアメリカにおける存在の偉大な連鎖と、社会の序列的構造について調べました。数週間かけて準備をしたのち、私たちはそれぞれの社会集団の特徴を描き、各階級の交流を再現するため、寸劇をすることにしました。私の役は、下層階級出身のミンディという女性です。彼女は、世界大恐慌と中上流階級による不平等な扱いのせいで、いか

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