10th Anniversary Campaign

G-10 Students Embark on Homestays!

Karuizawa-Train-StationToday is the big day… many of Mr. Masui’s G-10 Japanese language students are heading off campus for weekend homestays with Japanese families! This is the culmination of a year-long project which required students to contact potential host families and to plan all of the details for their visits, including their own travel arrangements.  As part of their pre-homestay planning, students worked hard to improve their conversational Japanese using some unconventional methods such as learning  J-pop songs (singing and dancing) and making music videos for their host families. Most of the students started the year with little or no Japanese language skills, so their progress has been quite remarkable.

Mr. Masui hopes the project will help students make Japanese friends beyond the school community and get a taste of “real” Japanese life while practicing their newly acquired language skills. We wish all of our G-10 good luck today as they head out for a new adventure in Japan. Thanks to Mr. Masui for preparing the students so well.

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