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IB Course Fair

Written by Ms. Yaling Chien
Ms. Chien is IBDP coordinator at UWC ISAK Japan. She also teaches Chinese.

The G10 students have been asked to start thinking about their DP course selections in March and will need to finalise the decision by the end of April. With the intention to provide maximum support to help the students identify the best suitable courses for their DP journey, the school has organised a series of academic support activities to enable the G10s to investigate and determine what subjects are best in line with their passion and future career path.

Following the Spring Break, we will thus be holding an IB Course Fair. Each subject will be allocated a ‘station’ where our teachers will be able to display course materials, assessment samples and other work that will help give a comprehensive view of the course. There will also be G11 or G12 subject representatives for each subject to give our G10s a student perspective, including their learning experiences and required skills.

The Course Fair will allow our teachers and subject representatives to introduce and explain different aspects of the course to interested G10s. It will also give our G10 students the space to ask questions, discover new information and therefore make more informed decisions on whether the course is what they wish to enrol in.

It is our aim to provide all the necessary information we can to our G10s, so the students can make the best decisions and embrace a challenging yet meaningful DP experiences here at UWC ISAK Japan.

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