10th Anniversary Campaign

Healthy Eating with the Parents’ Association

During assembly on Monday, our students had the unique opportunity to listen to the CEO of Biobalance, Naito Yoshio, as well as the CEO of the Smart Food Association, Yasumitsu Sakai, speak about how to eat more healthily. The event was organised by the Parents’ Association in conjunction with the Makanai CAS group in a bid to improve the health of students by helping them recognize the different types of nutrients needed for a healthy diet.

The talk gave a comprehensive overview on the links between food and health and how we can best utilize what is readily available to us, such as seasonal vegetables, to get the maximum nutrition we need to live healthier lives. In addition to teaching the students about how to eat balanced meals, the speakers also explained several trends about health and wellness in Japan, how our bodies work, and how deeply the food we eat is actually related to our emotions!

“We hope the community learned something about food and health! As a CAS group, we were fortunate to learn how to work with different organizations, such as the Parents’ Association, external guests and the school. We also got to connect with experts.” 
– Amara (Class of 2019, Japan), member of Makanai

The informative session was capped off with a dinner treat for all our students, with specially-prepared dishes by restaurant chefs that allowed them to better understand the ideas they learnt during the talk in practice! We would like to extend our heartiest thank you to the Parents’ Association, Biobalance, Smart Food Association and Makanai for helping to organise this for all the students, and we hope that everyone took away something important about healthy eating!


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