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Apple Pie & Friendship at Karuizawa Community Potluck

One of the unique aspects of attending boarding school is the chance to become a member of a new community. Here at ISAK, students and faculty live together and share common experiences as one big, extended family. This newfound community extends far beyond our campus borders, as students have also been warmly welcomed into the greater Karuizawa community.

Last month, 9 ISAK students deepened this connection by participating in the 3rd Annual Karuizawa Community Potluck. Representing two school groups, the ISAK VIP (Volunteer Interaction Program) and the ISAK cooking club, our student ambassadors served up delicious homemade apple pie and shared information about ISAK and their home countries to potluck guests both young and old.

Karuizawa Japan Community Potluck

“Although we are new to this community, we were warmly welcomed by the care and attention people gave to us. We were announced by the honorable mayor of Karuizawa and asked to step onto the stage and introduce ourselves. This was a real pleasure for us to represent our school, and at the same time, represent our home countries… the event gave us the opportunity to open up to the local community and connect with them. We got to share our unique experiences with them and we all felt patriotic about our own identities and the unique experience we created.”
– Pandita, ISAK Student

Karuizawa Community Potluck

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