10th Anniversary Campaign

Theatre Club Constructs New Performance Stage!

StageISAK students are encouraged to take the initiative in all aspects of campus life. Have a great idea? You will be encouraged to pursue it here! One great example of our students’ can-do spirit is a recent project completed by members of the Theatre Club. Thanks to the hard work of Kunawat, Hadi and Viktor, ISAK now has a performance stage!

After the theatre club determined the need for a stage, Kunawat, Hadi and Viktor made a commitment to build the stage themselves, siting that, “It was the cheapest way we could afford a stage.” Due to their busy schedules, the students could only work on weekend mornings, but the stage was completed in just three weeks! The team is excited to see how the stage will enhance future events at ISAK.

Thank you, Kunawat, Hadi, Viktor (and Tiyi!) for your motivation, dedication and hard work!



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