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TEDx Club Attends TEDx YOUTH Tokyo

On November 20th, several students in the ISAK TEDx group headed to Tokyo together to attend the annual TEDx Youth event. TEDx is a world-wide program organized at the local level to create a TED Talk type experience. The students joined hundreds of other participants to hear live speakers and exchange ideas with other attendees.
TED is a nonprofit that started back in 1984 to bring together ideas in technology, entertainment and design. The format for TED is short presentations called “talks” that cover everything from education, science and technology, to business and politics. In the past several years, TED Talks have become a global phenomenon, with presentations recorded in more than 100 languages! Our own school founder, Ms. Lin Kobayashi, presented a TED Talk about her vision for ISAK at TEDxKyoto in 2013.


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