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ISAK Administrative Team Visits Japan

Rod Jemison, ISAK’s Founding Head of School, and Janice Murabayashi, Head of the Administrative Office, recently visited Japan from San Diego, California to meet with ISAK team members and visit the ISAK campus. Rod and Janice normally interact with staff by email and Skype, so it was thrilling for everyone involved to be able to meet in person to discuss upcoming projects and milestones.

Rod Jemison Lin Kobayashi

During their time in Japan, Rod and Janice held discussions with COO Chuck Kite, Executive Director Lin Kobayashi and members of the ISAK project teams to discuss plans for Summer School 2013 and preparations for ISAK’s opening in 2014. Rod and Janice also visited Karuizawa to see the nearly-complete ISAK facilities and meet local residents. In addition, Rod paid a visit to the school his daughter will be attending when Rod and his family move to Karuizawa this July.

ISAK Administrative Team

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