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MinamiReport1What did you do this summer?

Minami, Japan – Class of 2018, attended a 3 week Seminar on Youth Leadership in Victoria, Canada. Here is her report:

Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership was a 3 weeks course held at the UWC of the Pacific in Victoria, Canada. 80 participants were from all over Canada as well as across the globe. Many UWC students were there to support and guide us, too. Intense workshops and seminars were held from dawn to dusk but there were also great activities such as canoeing, bay jumping, hiking etc. in between. I especially enjoyed canoeing for the very first time.  The themes covered at the workshops were diverse, eye opening and exciting. Exactly what I needed to know before going back to ISAK for the second year. They were also completely new to me and I was so surprised that there were so many leadership skills and activities available. I really look forward to sharing them when I return to ISAK. The highlight was all of us going to Victoria city to practice leadership which included doing a flashmob. Multinational Soran-bushi was included and was a great success!

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