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Finding a Way With Waste: Student Project Innovates by Upcycling

Written by Shota (Japan / Class of 2020) Each year, over 620,000 tons of food is wasted in Japan; enough to feed almost a million people for an entire year. When we first heard this statistic, we were imbued with a want to try and change this. With UWC ISAK Japan behind us, supporting us, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to start a project called REシクル (Reshikuru) which works to reduce food waste in a few key ways. We harness one of the largest sources of food waste in Japan, rice bran, and upcycle it into a

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UWCISAK Japan Students Win Startup Weekend

Earlier this Spring, two of our intrepid students, Yuina and Yuka (both Class of 2021, Japan), decided to take part in a startup challenge organized by Startup Weekend, which is part of the world-renowned Techstars family of startup programs. This edition of Startup Weekend took place near Shibuya Station in the heart of Tokyo and the theme of the event was Tokyo Environment and Energy.

Knowing the theme in advance had given the girls some time to prepare their individual pitch ideas, but before they would have any chance to pitch they needed to actually make it to the venue,

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A Project Comes to Fruition: The Story Behind Our New Forest

Written by Yutaro (Class of 2019, Japan)

On 6th of March during the community assembly, we welcomed government officials from Forestry Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery to sign a contract for the lease of forest nearby. For the next five years, the 30 hectares of forest next to our campus will be part of UWC ISAK Japan.

As I lived in Tokyo prior to coming to UWC ISAK Japan, I was excited to be at a high school surrounded by nature. At the end of grade 10, when I was thinking about my leadership project, I was

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Transformational Leadership Comes in Many Sizes

Written by Abdullah (Class of 2019, Oman)

The idea of student leadership is emphasized in UWC ISAK Japan, and so we, students, get to lead in the exploration of our interests, while also receiving support and advice/expertise from the faculty and staff. The UWC ISAK Merch (merchandise) Club was the brainchild of my classmate Ben. It has provided the venue for us to exercise and display our entrepreneurial spirit while at UWC ISAK Japan.

To start our journey with Merch Club, we obviously needed some capital to buy inventory. We were keen on producing many school-logo products, however we

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New leaders poised to keep SNOW rolling

Written by Denzel (Class of 2019, Zimbabwe)

As outlined in a previous blog post, SNOW is UWC ISAK Japan’s reformed Student Union. It stands for Seito NO Wa and the mission of SNOW is “to provide structure and resources for students to take initiatives for the better of the community.”

Over the course of the past year, Ayana (Class of 2019, Japan) and myself took a back-seat approach and became facilitators of SNOW who would be there to assist the current members when needed. We did this to allow the Grade 11 and Grade 10 students to have

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Campus Opens for Model UN Conference

Written by Poum (Class of 2020, Thailand)

On January the 18th, 2019, we welcomed 13 students from different schools. We, as the Model United Nations (MUN) Club, were very excited as this was something we were planning for and working hard for, especially An with the help of Ayana and our club members. Since October, we we discussed the possibility of having UWC ISAK’s first overnight activity, and for us not to keep MUN just as something exclusive to our community, but to open the experience up beyond our campus.

MUN is not just an academic experience, where we compete

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What We Learned About Leading by Building “The Dome”

Getting Started

At USC ISAK Japan, leadership is a central concept. We endeavor to weave a thread of leadership into all of our programs, but it’s in our core leadership courses—Leading with Self and Leading with Others—that this thread ties everything together. These courses encourage students to not only think about leadership concepts, but to try them out, and this is where the fun comes in.

Two of our Grade 10 students, Aideen and Olivia, recently began to stretch their leadership muscles with a new project to build a geodesic dome on campus. Both of them had individually identified a

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Grade 10 Project Week

Written by Izumi Tsurumi Ms. Tsurumi coordinates the Leadership program at UWC ISAK Japan. She also teaches IB Biology.

Leadership is required in times of uncertainty and challenge, not when circumstances are smooth-sailing and pleasant.

One of the key aspects of the leadership practice is for each of us to choose to take purposeful actions based on what is important and needed even during uncertainty. For the G10 Project Week, students participated in various challenges to nurture this aspect of the leadership practice. These challenges included: making giant catapults, hiking, jumping off a 10 metre pole, climbing over a 3

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New Student Group, SNOW, Is Starting

Written by Ayana (Class of 2019, Japan)

A group of students has taken over what used to be known as Student Union, and is rebooting it as SNOW – Seito No Wa. Seito means “students” in Japanese, and Wa can mean “circle”, “harmony”, or “talk” depending on the Kanji used. The mission of the group is “To provide structure and resources for students to take initiatives for the better of the community”, and the group aspires to do so through three different committees.

The three committees are: assembly, problem solving, and mission outreach. They all consist of three to six

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Teaching Leadership Through Dominos

Written by Izumi Tsurumi Ms. Tsurumi coordinates the Leadership program at UWC ISAK Japan.

“Noooooooooo!!” was a cry we heard from different areas on campus, on multiple occasions in the last two weeks here at UWC ISAK Japan. These cries came from Grade 10 students who were put on a mission to create “an awesome domino structure” using nearly 2000 domino pieces in each of their classes. In their journey of creating such a structure, they encountered not just one, but many (some students described ‘countless’) failures of collapsing dominos. Despite these failure moments, many kept going to complete their

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