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What is Important in Ms. Chien’s Classroom


We asked ISAK’s Chinese teacher, Ms. Chien, to talk about her unique approach to teaching at ISAK.

“I feel lucky that I can work with a smaller group of students at ISAK, because it enables me to give more autonomy to students in class. As a result, they can lead themselves and have ownership of their classes.

In my classes, I tell the students to think about what is best for their learning and to do the best for themselves. With this in mind, students begin to think, research and practice – which makes every opportunity to learn different for all of them. Thinking, researching and practicing are the kind of skills I want the students to gain by the time they graduate from ISAK. Not only the knowledge they learn in class, but the ability to research something on their own, using their own methods. I hope they become more confident and feel, ‘I can find it myself’.

What is most important for me is that I want students to know I am approachable. I’m right there, next to the students, to help them in their efforts toward a destination.”

If you are interested in learning more about Ms. Ya-Ling Chien from Taiwan, Chinese teacher at ISAK, please visit our Staff Directory page.



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