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Voices from Summer School 2013

Student Comments from Summer School 2013 #1:
“One thing that left a big impression on me was when one of the teachers said, ‘A good discussion includes disagreement and debate.’ Until then, I always thought that the most important thing in …a discussion was for it to go smoothly. But that teacher’s one comment drastically changed my point of view, and I understood that what is most important in a discussion is for everyone to have an opinion and share it with the group.” (Japan, 15 years old, Male)

Student Comments from Summer School 2013 #2:
“The most important things I learned at ISAK are that leadership comes in many forms and that friendships are really important. Don’t judge people no matter who they are, because sometimes the people you judge can become some of your greatest friends.” (Singapore, 15 years old, Male)

Summer School Voices 2

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