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Valentine’s Day at ISAK – Love Comes in All Shapes & Sizes

The Valentine season at ISAK has been filled with love of many kinds–not just celebrating romantic love, but love and appreciation for friends, for good health, for our community, and for humanity overall. Here are some of the love-filled happenings from the past week…

At dinner, ProjectNEPAL organized a Valentine sale of colorful Nepali goods to support their post-earthquake efforts.

The Special Events team put on a ridiculous night of paired challenges including a three-legged race, a blindfolded feeding contest, and a quiz game (any pairs could sign up to participate, whether they were romantic or friends).

On Monday, a reading of The Normal Heart was performed, a play about raising awareness and compassion for HIV/AIDS in the early 1980s to the government and the gay community.

Yesterday, on actual Valentine’s Day, Glee Club and the fellows delivered sappy serenades all over campus, with ISAK students and faculty requesting them for partners, friends, housemates, and other loved ones.

 And, the ISAK staff were treated to an appreciation luncheon with a potluck of foods and desserts made by faculty served in a classroom decorated by students! 

The surprise luncheon was a a welcome gift for our hard-working and dedicated staff. One staff member shared afterward, “THANK YOU for the great food and the surprise!!!!  It feels GREAT to be appreciated:) It made me think about how important it is to actually show the appreciation to those around me, so I’m going to pass this on with my family when I go home today.” <3



昨日は、1980年初期にHIV感染やエイズについての認識や思いやりの気持ちを国やゲイ・コミュニティーに対して高めることを描いた、”The Normal Heart”を演じました。

そして今日は、GleeクラブとTeaching Fellow(教員アシスタント・生徒のサポートスタッフ)がセレナーデ演奏を企画し、生徒や先生からのリクエストに応じ、パートナーや友達、ルームメイトなど、大切な人に向けて音楽を奏でました。


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