10th Anniversary Campaign

Team Building Outdoor Adventure

As part of Project Week 2015, our students experienced team building and an outdoor adventure at Rising Field Karuizawa. Working in groups, students took on a variety of physical challenges, which provided an excellent opportunity to practice leadership, risk-taking, giving and receiving support, and collaborating for a common goal.

The day started at the low ropes course, with students working in small teams to complete various balancing challenges. Later, it was time for something a little more crazy – bubble soccer! For those up to the challenge, the high ropes course offered an extra level of intensity.

The day culminated in a classic adventure element called “The Wall,” in which an entire team must work together to cross a four meter sheer vertical barrier!

We are fortunate to have a premier outdoor adventure facility so close to our campus. Rising Field Karuizawa provided a challenging physical break from the mental rigors of Project Week, and many students came away from the day having accomplished something they did not previously think was possible.

Rising Field Karuizawa Outdoor course ISAK

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