10th Anniversary Campaign

Summer School 2017

From July 21 to August 2, 2017, eighty junior high school students from twenty-six countries joined together at the UWC ISAK Japan campus in beautiful Karuizawa, Japan. Our students created together with us, and the ways that they learn and grow and teach each other. Through the program, students experienced many different ways to achieve awareness, and they took steps to change themselves as they evolved into “change-makers”.

Student Comments

Mayuki (Japan)
It was so much fun that I really didn’t want to leave the campus! Spending 13 entire days and nights with fellow students was a great experience. We faced some problems, yet we learned to accept and resolve them together. It was such a great learning experience for me.

Eaint (Myanmar)
ISAK has been a place where I can be myself and don’t have to feel ashamed because everyone around me is very supportive and is ready to respect whatever you do. ISAK has taught me so much in such a short period of time and has also changed the way I look at the world. When I go home, I am going to be a different person and I am proud of the person that I have become.

Tenzin Yarphel (India / Tibet)
It was a really great experience with a diverse environment. I made many friends and also learned a lot. Thank you ISAK for all the things that made me change the perspective of a leader and being a good person throughout this life.


Thank you!

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our donors and volunteers whose contributions were essential in making this year’s summer school such a tremendous success. The program would not have been a possible without you, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your generosity and kindness.

Summer School 2017 Donors:

  • Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Hoppy Beverage Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Takashi Oyagi
  • Nomura Holdings, Inc
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
  • UWC ISAK Japan Project B-Right
Summer School 2018

The details of Summer School 2018 will be posted on our website. We look forward to receiving your applications.

ISAK サマースクール2017のご報告

7月21日〜8月2日、世界26カ国から80人の好奇心旺盛な中学生が、軽井沢のキャンパスで行われたサマースクールに参加しました。リーダシップやデザイン思考を中心に、Science and Society、Culture, Identity and Diversity、 Mindful Mix Mediaなどのクラスが2週間にわって繰り広げられました。その他にも、生徒の自主性を重んじるアクティビティや、アウトドア教育、カルチャープレゼンテーション、スポーツデーなど、毎日盛りだくさんの日々でした。同じ屋根の下、寝食を共にした80名の生徒は、友人を通して教科書やニュースでしか知りえなかった世界の国々について理解を含め、顔の見える世界地図を描ける一歩ととなったようです。
自ら変化を起こす人になるにはどうしたらいいのか? リーダーシップやデザイン思考のクラスで、仲間と共に考え、話し合い、行動を起こすことで、生徒達は多くのことを学んだようです。


Mayuki (日本)

Eaint (ミャンマー)

Tenzin Yarphel (インド / チベット)



  • ご寄付を頂いた皆様
  • HOPE奨学金
  • 住友化学株式会社様
  • 株式会社ホッピーミーナ様
  • 大八木崇史様
  • 三井住友信託銀行株式会社様
  • 野村ホールディングス株式会社
  • Project B-Right


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