10th Anniversary Campaign

ProjectNEPAL Update

An update from ISAK’s Nepali students, Karma, Sangita and Himanshu:

Dear Donors and Supporters,

Greetings from Kathmandu, Nepal! It has been long since we communicated with all of you, and here we want to provide you with an update on the progress of the project. When we arrived here, we found the needs of the people had already changed since the first few weeks after the earthquake. They don’t need food as an immediate relief material anymore, as many organisations and volunteer groups have already done the distribution. Also, not to worry, the specific place we planned to distribute the food in, has already been helped by the same group of monks we planned to work with.

We also want to proudly inform our donors and supporters that we have finally got off to a start, although it was a slow one. On 26th June, medicine worth $225 was bought and distributed to some victims, originally hailing from Sindhupalchok district, living in temporary shelter in Kathmandu. Also, arrangements were made to take the remaining medicine to victims in need in Sindhupalchok itself. This was done with the help of ‘Phulping EQ Relief Team 2015’, the same group of people we would have worked with for our immediate relief distribution.

As of now, we haven’t been able to provide relief in Sindhupalchok because of the landslides that happen every monsoon season. We will begin our project their as soon as it becomes accessible.

On the 10th of July, we went to Ganesh Bharati Sec. School in Baansdol, Kavre, whom we are supporting to reconstruct one of their buildings. Our aim was to understand the situation and people’s needs. In our pursuit of understanding their situation better, we conducted an interview with the school principal. We then understood how the school was being run and what their future goals of the school’s are. We also took this opportunity to also understand the needs of the students by also having some friendly conversations with them. It was a great opportunity for us so that we will be able to provide services that addresses their needs better and better with each time that we do it. This is one of the six schools (in Kathmandu, Baglung, Kavre, Okhaldhunga and Parbat districts) we are fully/partially supporting as part of our project.

We realise this is different from our initial plan for our short term goals, but the needs of the people have changed, and therefore we have to adapt. We will now be focussing on reconstruction and rehabilitation of the people. Please email us if you have any questions, comments and feedback.

Not Just Back, But Beyond
ISAK’s ProjectNEPAL.

(Below are the pictures from our field visit to Ganesh Bharati Secondary School.)


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Imagine… if there was an ISAK lower school!

Dear Friends of UWC ISAK,

UWC ISAK is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We are proud of where we’ve come from, and we are excited about the next decade.

At this important milestone, we are wondering – in pursuit of broadening our impact, could an ISAK Lower School be considered as one of the options and would it be feasible? A school that embraces ISAK values and vision for a better future?

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