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Nikkei Business Online Features ISAK

We are happy to share that Nikkei Business Online, one of Japan’s most influential online business magazines, has recently published a full-length story about ISAK. The article includes an in-depth look at the IDEO x ISAK workshop which was held on our campus in April, as well as an interview with Head of School, Rod Jemison. You can access the original article (in Japanese) here.

We’ve translated the article (with NBO’s approval) into English so our entire community can read it. Since the article is quite long, we’re sharing it in four sections. Please use the links below to read each section of the complete Nikkei Business Online ISAK story.

Learning Through Shared Ideas:
Design Thinking Enables Students Improve Problem-solving Skills and Teamwork

Part 1 – What is Important for a Head of School?
Part 2 – What is The Best Time to Go to Bed?
Part 3 – No One’s Opinion is Better Than Anyone Else’s
Part 4 – IDEO x ISAK Special Design Thinking Workshop

About Nikkei Business Online:
NBO is an online platform providing compelling original content to help guide top and middle managers of companies in Japan. The website has 1.62 million subscribers and receives 30 million page views each month.

Nikkei Business online ISAK

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