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New York Yankees Boot Camp at ISAK?!

Last Sunday, ISAK’s Project PEAK, a student-led group focusing on health and wellness, hosted a workshop on campus featuring Mr. Takao Kondo, a former New York Yankees trainer!

The workshop, which was attended by about 20 students, started with a presentation from Mr. Kondo, in which he shared his life story, along with some expert knowledge about how muscles work. The students also got some professional tips about how to stretch properly to avoid injuries during sports and exercise. Then it was off to the gym for a boot-camp style workout with some of the same challenging exercises Mr. Kondo used when working with professional baseball players.

Even though Mr. Kondo no longer helps train baseball players, he is still involved with fitness. He is currently working at a fast-growing tech start-up called FiNC, which aims to create personalized health and wellness services and products.

The Project PEAK students were very inspired to learn about FiNC because the PEAK students share a very similar mission, and their goal is to spread the message of health and wellness: “It is a choice to live healthy.”

Thank you very much, Mr. Kondo, for sharing your expertise and supporting our students!

Boot Camp at ISAK NY Yankees



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