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Naviance Family Connection Enhances University Counseling Process

ISAK’s university counselor, Mr. Sweet, shows G-11 students how to use Naviance Family Connection.

We are happy to announce that all ISAK G-11 students now have personal Naviance Family Connection accounts. Naviance is a website developed in the U.S. that provides students with college research tools as well as career assessment surveys. Additionally, it provides counselors with tools to track the progress of individual students, communicate with students and families, and submit all transcripts, school forms and recommendations electronically through Naviance eDocs.

Mr. Sweet, ISAK’s resident university counselor, met with G-11 students in October to walk them through the tools Family Connection provides and on November 1 the accounts were activated.

Students are beginning to familiarize themselves with the search tools and helpful links in Family Connection, as well as completing “game-plan” surveys and updating family information. In addition, our Family Connection accounts have been enhanced by Mr. Sweet and Ms. Elitzky (ISAK’s U.S. based university counselor) with links to university and financial assistance information.

Naviance Family Connection will be an excellent resource for our students as they research their options and apply to universities.
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