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Mr. Vineeth Talks About Teaching at ISAK

Mr. Vineeth

We recently asked ISAK’s History/Economics teacher, Mr. Vineeth Parameswaran, to share some thoughts about his teaching style…

“My educational philosophy is very simple. It is student-centered and is based on ‘experiential Education’. When the students try to see things through experiences they gained, no matter where they are or what they do, they all contribute to their learnings. ISAK teachers give the students freedom to explore crazy ideas, and this environment encourages me to try out many different things in my classes.

For example, in my Grade 10 class, we did a magazine project in which they write a journal article just like the National Geographic, and their topic should be something relevant to our context such as local community in Karuziawa, Nagano or ISAK. The students wrote various articles such as how icicles have been made, how to save energy at ISAK, examining the ecology of highland vegetables, stinky bugs…etc.

I didn’t tell the students what they do. I just told them to explore themselves and find what they WANT TO do. Through this process, I learn, they learn, and during a reflection session at the end, they share what they achieved and why they wanted to do it.

Kurt Hahn (founder of UWC) said, ‘You have more in you than what you think.’ This is the philosophy that I want to apply in my classroom.”

You can learn more about Mr. Vineeth Parameswaran and all of the ISAK faculty on our Staff Directory page.



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