10th Anniversary Campaign

Microsoft Workshop at UWC ISAK Japan!

This week, several professionals from Microsoft Japan were on campus for a special workshop with our students! The session started off with introductions, where our guests explained how they came to work for the tech giant, before going into a brief overview of Microsoft and its operations worldwide and in Japan. Then, students were shown the various products and technologies the company is currently innovating, including several exciting demonstrations such as Computer Vision API!

Suman (G11, Nepal), who already has some experience with coding, found the session particularly interesting because it gave him even more exposure to Microsoft’s programs. While aware of some of the API that were shown during the demonstrations, he was surprised by the websites that already exist that utilize them.

Students were also introduced to the Imagine Cup, a global competition that empowers students to create applications that shape how we live. Some of our students are inspired to participate in this year’s competition, and we look forward to the wonderful experiences that they will surely have!

I joined the workshop due to pure curiosity and interest in modern technology, without knowing anything about information technology (IT) or even Microsoft beforehand. By the end of the session, I was astonished by how fast the IT world is evolving, and the eternal possibility of turning imagination into reality. I also learnt that although I’m not traditionally a ‘tech’ person, I enjoy experiencing and creating innovation!
– Hanaka (G12, Japan)
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