10th Anniversary Campaign

ISAK’s First Students Arrive on Campus

On Aug. 14 – 15, we welcomed ISAK’s inaugural class of students to our beautiful Karuizawa campus. The 49 students, hailing from 15 countries around the globe, quickly settled in to life at ISAK, with conversation in the dorms and the cafeteria flowing nonstop. During Orientation Week, the students were introduced to ISAK’s Leadership by Design program, worked to develop school and dorm rules, and even participated in a local summer festival held near the campus.

Comments from incoming students:

“I had a really comfortable life back home, but I felt that there was a limit to how much I could grow. I wanted to achieve a dramatic change in my life by taking on the challenge of living overseas.”  (Male student, Thailand)

“I have never lived overseas and never lived away from my parents. I want to acquire a better understanding of other places around the world by living with people from different countries and cultures.”  (Female student, Japan)

We are so proud of these exceptional students, who have already proven themselves to be leaders, risk-takers and motivated scholars. All of us on the ISAK staff are looking forward to seeing how these remarkable young people learn and grow during their three years at ISAK!

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