10th Anniversary Campaign

ISAK Students Work for Positive Change through Community Service

Community service is an integral part of the ISAK culture.  Each week students head out into the community to participate in service projects that they have developed. ISAK students understand that creating positive change is as much about helping others as it is about growing ourselves and our campus community.

Community service allows students to experience creating a positive change beyond ISAK, and helps develop a relationship of mutual cooperation and support with local townspeople. Each community service activity is student-led and motivated. Students take on the task of not only committing themselves to a weekly service activity, but are also constantly innovating and finding ways to add greater value to these activities.

Service activities include sharing cultural knowledge with Japanese high school peers, teaching English to younger students, designing entertaining and creative activities for people of all ages, and helping develop fundraising initiatives for local service organizations

Pictured below: ISAK students share information about their home countries to students in the Tobu Elementary School “International Understanding Club.”

Boarding School Community Service

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