10th Anniversary Campaign

ISAK Parents Support Admissions in Bangkok

Mr-T-in-Bangkok-ISAKAs part of our ongoing effort to meet with prospective students in their home countries, the ISAK admissions team has been traveling to cities around Asia to conduct information sessions about how to apply to ISAK for the 2016-2017 school year.

Vincent Travaglione from the Office of Admission was pleased to make a second annual trip to Bangkok where he was once again warmly welcomed by the family members of our current Thai students. Family members treated “Mr. T.” to a wonderful traditional Thai dinner following a successful Group Information Session for prospective ISAK families.

Many of our current parents served as speakers at the Group Information Session, providing a very personalized and intimate view of the ISAK program and community. We can’t thank them enough for their assistance!

Upcoming “ISAK on the Road” trips include Singapore, Hanoi, Shanghai, and Jakarta.

Visit the Information Sessions page on our website to learn more.

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