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ISAK Musicians Perform with Karuizawa Community Orchestra


ISAK Students Yuma and Kanna joined the violin section in the Karuizawa Community Orchestra’s performance on Sunday.

Congratulations to ISAK G-11 students, Mao, Ibuki, Kanna and Yuma for their outstanding performances with the Karuizawa Community Orchestra on Sunday! The students have been attending rehearsals with the orchestra in preparation for Sunday’s performance which took place in the beautiful Ohga Hall, an 800 seat venue built and donated to the city of Karuizawa by the former chairman and CEO of Sony, Mr. Norio Ohga 大賀典雄. The hall is renowned for its beautiful design and stellar acoustics.  

Watch and listen to the orchestra perform the 4th movement of Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 here:
[youtube id=”WbASDBuHsuc”]


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