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Leadership at ISAK – A Visit from Global Shapers

ISAK hosts Global Shapers
(Photo by Kohei Shiozawa/Global Shapers All Japan)


Last Saturday, 42 members of the highly regarded Global Shapers Community (including former ISAK intern, Mr. Ryosuke Kobayashi) traveled to ISAK for a leadership session with our students. The Global Shapers Community (GSC) is a subsidiary of the World Economic Forum; the community is made up of a network of hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.

The GSC visit provided an exciting opportunity for ISAK students to listen, learn, and collaborate with talented and successful young adults who are pursuing a variety of careers in many different fields.


The 4 hour session kicked off with a meet & greet followed by a GSC panel discussion where members shared their accomplishments and fielded questions from ISAK students. When asked about facing obstacles and negativity, Mr. Yoshikazu Kato, a columnist for the New York Times China, responded,”We have a responsibility to let the next generation know what they can do. That is why we should make a difference. When you take an action, you might face confrontation. But that is good! It will be your motivation to move forward. Be consistent in yourself. That is my advice.”

Global-Shapers-Panel at ISAK
Panel Participants: Mr. Shunsuke Sako, CEO at Minit Asia Pacific; Ms. Akira Sakano, Co-founder & Communication Director at RDND LLC; Mr. Yoshikazu Kato, New York Times China columnist; Ms. Yuka Matsushima, Co-Founder and Vice President at Cross Fields; Mr. Ryosuke Kobayashi, H-Lab, moderator.

After listening to a presentation abut our school  delivered by G-10 students Estella and Mari (great job!), the Shapers divided into teams to mentor eight groups of students who are working on a variety of projects and initiatives.  Each group received lots of valuable feedback and advice. We are truly grateful the the Shapers for their visit to ISAK and all of the inspiration they provided!

Mr. Ryosuke Kobayashi shared some thoughts about working with ISAK students in this video:

[youtube id=”NMJXwHlJTSQ”]


[ 世界経済フォーラムに選出された若手リーダーの皆さんをお招きしました]


ー ニューヨーク・タイムズ 中国語版 コラムニストの加藤 嘉一さんのコメント




小林亮介氏のコメント| Global Shapers x ISAKセッション
[youtube id=”WvxeEFlGLy4″]

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