10th Anniversary Campaign

G-11 Student Projects – Making a Difference!

G-11-Project-WeekHow do ISAK students create positive change? One way is through community service. To that end, our G-11 students have undertaken large-scale community service projects that they will pursue until they graduate from ISAK in 2017.

During Fall Project Week, G-11 students formed eight groups and began to develop action plans for existing and new projects. After an intensive week of research, interviews and discussions, each group came up with a mission, vision and action plan. While each project is different, they all share a common goal of making the world a better place.

Here is a brief introduction of each project. Stay tuned for updates on the positive changes that each group creates!

The ANIMAL PROTECTION PROJECT aims to reduce the number of dogs and cats killed in Japanese animal
shelters to zero by raising awareness and taking initiative to help animals find new homes.

PROJECT B-RIGHT will work together with a grassroots human rights and education NGO based in Phang Nga, Thailand, to help Burmese migrants.

ProjectNEPAL is a student-created, led and maintained earthquake relief aid project for the victims of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, with a focused purpose to rebuild schools and health care institutions in rural Nepal, which was badly affected by the earthquake.

The ISAK RUNA PROJECT aims to introduce Runa and their Guayusa energy drinks to the Japanese Market. Runa aims to improve the income of local Amazonian farmers in Ecuador by directly buying Guayusa leaves from them.

PROJECT BOOK VIETNAM aims to improve access to books and literacy by building a small public library or several public bookshelves for people in remote areas in Vietnam who have little or no access to books.

PROJECT AT HOME aims to help support the education of children in orphanages, starting from Thailand and hoping to expand throughout Southeast Asian regions.

PEAK PROJECT aims to create a customized health & wellness agenda for each member of the ISAK community so every individual will live at an optimal quality of life.

HEAR (Harmony for East Asian Relationship) aims to help improve relationships among people in the East Asian region by making a change in the way the Japanese community interacts with foreign communities, specifically East Asian communities, in Japan.

[ISAK 高校2年生がチェンジメーカーを目指してプロジェクトを立ち上げています]


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