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Exploring Learning Styles in ToK

ISAK-Studying-(1)How do we know? What counts as evidence? How do we compare? What does a theory mean in real life? These are the types of questions at the heart of Ms. Lacoste’s ToK class.

ToK (Theory of Knowledge) is a core class in the IB curriculum and required in Grade 11 .  Through ToK,  ISAK students gain increased awareness into their personal views and assumptions while also developing a better understanding of diversity and the richness in appreciating different cultural perspectives.

In the first few weeks of ToK, Grade 11 students explored questions about sense perception including how individuals receive information through the five senses and how expectations and past experiences influence perception. Students also examined different ways of learning – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc., in order to identify their own unique learning styles.

Ms. Lacoste is encouraging students to apply their best learning style to every part of their education – from where they choose to sit in the classroom to how they study material and take notes in class. ToK class helps students make connections between  academic subjects and transforms the process of acquiring knowledge into a powerful tool that is personally relevant to each individual.

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