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Challenged my Limits at St. Martins in London


What did you do this summer?

Maya, Class of 2018, attended an art foundation course at the Central Saint Martins University in London. Here is her report:

This summer I had the opportunity to do an art foundation course at the famous Central Saint Martins University in London, where Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and several other designers graduated from. My purpose was to find out if art is really what I want to pursue in college.

My passion lies in functional art. From teapots to libraries, each and every object has it’s purpose. By customizing such products I hope to create a community where people feel motivated, confident and most importantly happy. This is a way I can make a difference and support the world in moving forward.

It was my first time to stay in London and be completely immersed in college life. I met students from all over the world. All of them were confident of their artistic ability and talent. Everyone had this hunger to join this institution.

This opened my eyes to whole new world of serious competition. It made me realize that I had to be more confident. Having been raised in an environment where modesty is appreciated, modesty works against me in this competitive environment. I have to get out and explore the world, challenge my limits to be the next generation of creative talent.

I had a 3D workshop where all of us were given a one emotion word and we had to create an egg holder expressing that particular emotion. My emotion was “Happy”. I want you to feel the happiness of my art work which I can proudly say its my best art piece for this summer course.





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