10th Anniversary Campaign

A message from our Nepali Students

This story contributed by Himanshu, Karma and Sangita, ISAK students from Nepal, Class of 2017

ISAK Project NepalThe earthquake in Nepal that occurred on the 25th of April, 2015 rocked the nation and spread chaos throughout. The number of lives this earthquake has taken has reached more than 4,500 and is expected to climb. Many more are injured. The Nepalese students of ISAK would sincerely like to ask for your support in this time of tragedy.

We have decided to take the initiative to launch a fundraising project for the people whose lives have been put into turmoil because of the earthquake. Since we will be holding an “International Day” at ISAK on May 17, we plan to conduct a presentation about the earthquake at that time for our guests. First, we want to raise people’s awareness about this disaster. Second, we want to collect contributions for those who are suffering in Nepal.

Our plan for the time being is to use the money we raise to provide affected people with shelter in the form of tents and sleeping bags. In the coming days, our plans will evolve as we continue to research what is most important and how we can most effectively and efficiently contribute to the cause. Our intended area of focus is Sindhupalchowk, near Kathmandu,  since we have noticed most of the international help is focusing on Kathmandu and not the other affected areas.

We hope that you will be interested in this cause and in our country, and that you will take action to help save Nepalese lives. There are many international organizations currently accepting donations. We will update you with more details about our effort as it takes shape.


Himanshu, Karma and Sangita, ISAK students from Nepal, Class of 2017


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Imagine… if there was an ISAK lower school!

Dear Friends of UWC ISAK,

UWC ISAK is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We are proud of where we’ve come from, and we are excited about the next decade.

At this important milestone, we are wondering – in pursuit of broadening our impact, could an ISAK Lower School be considered as one of the options and would it be feasible? A school that embraces ISAK values and vision for a better future?

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