10th Anniversary Campaign

Celebrating the Americas & the Caribbean Culture Day

Last week, we celebrated the first of our Culture Days here at UWC ISAK Japan! Our contingent from the Americas and the Caribbean came together to host a fiesta throughout the day, complete with special meals in the cafeteria, telenovela skits, presentations and dancing!

Organizing the event was an interesting experience for many of our students. Cristina (Class of 2019, USA) expressed that it was quite a struggle to find a way to present the culture of the United States. “We joked that there is no such thing as an American Culture. Even if there is an American Culture, then it is split into different regions of the United States. The United States is reliant on the ‘American Melting Pot’ for the mix of traditions we have now.”

Surprisingly, our student organizers did not just teach the community about their cultures, but instead learned more about it themselves! Before coming to Japan, Maria Fernanda (Class of 2019, Venezuela) barely knew how to dance the salsa, but she now knows at least four dances, including reggaeton, bachata, merengue, and Capoeira.

“It was so fulfilling to have cooperated with people with whom I share a long history and similar culture! Personally, it was beautiful to see how we set aside what separates us back in Latin America and unite our forces as individuals who pursue a more peaceful and sustainable future.”
– Eduardo (Class of 2020, Mexico)


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