10th Anniversary Campaign

ISAK holds first Founders Conference

On July 21, the second day of Summer School, the first ISAK Founders Conference was held in Karuizawa. Prior to the conference itself, approximately 40 founders visited this year’s Summer School and observed the Leadership class before heading to Asama Terrace to see the future site of the ISAK high school facilities.

The afternoon conference began with an overview of ISAK’s recent progress by Executive Director Lin Kobayashi, followed by a lively discussion among founders regarding their ideal vision for ISAK. The discussion was led by Keio University Professor Heizo Takenaka.

In the evening, founders joined with the Summer School faculty, staff and students for a barbecue, giving everyone in the ISAK community the chance to interact in a relaxed atmosphere. Participants were also able to meet founding Head of School Rod Jemison, who is leading this year’s Summer School program.

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